Have you ever seen another company’s animated social media post and think that they must have a huge marketing budget and pay an advertising agency to create it? Well, you may be correct, but that doesn’t mean you need to. We’re sharing our 4 favorite options for creating eye-catching, professional-quality, animated social media posts.


Ripl is a mobile app that allows you to animate text over a photo to create an eye catching post. This app is easy to use and allows you to create 5 images for free or upgrade to a Ripl Pro for $9.99 a month, or $59.99 for a one-time annual purchase. With Ripl Pro you get access to additional designs, music, the ability to add a logo or watermark, access to use images outside of social media, and a post scheduling.

To create an animated post on Ripl:

Download and open the Ripl app. This will bring you to the “create a post” page.

Type in the copy for your post and add the website you want your post to link to

Click on the next arrow on the top right of the screen.

create a post

Customize your layout by selecting the font style, alignment, color, background, and music.

Click on the next arrow on the top right of the screen.


Choose if you want to share this post with animation or as a still post.

Select “animation” and click on the next button.


Ripl will show you a preview, then take you to your share screen

Type in the message for your port

Click on the blue + in the center of the screen to choose the platforms to share the post on.


Select your accounts and click done. This will return you to the previous screen

This will return you to the previous screen, where you can click the share button on the top right corner to post.

img_0293Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark offers several free options for creating social media posts. Use the app on your phone or desktop to animate text over images or create a video (check out our video tutorial here). Adobe Spark is free, but does overlay a watermark on the bottom corner of your posts or adds a closing slide to your video.

To animate text over an image in Adobe Spark you do need to use the mobile app, not the desktop version:

Download the app and log in

Select a design or click the plus sign to create a post


Select your background


Select the size for your social media post

select a size

Add text, select colors, and set your animation.

When you are done, click the share button on the top right corner and share on your social media networks

add text


Create an animated GIF from photos or a video, GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, an animated GIF is essentially a moving image. Use MakeaGif.com to create free GIFs and share them with your social media fans. Sign up as a (free) registered user to remove the MakeaGif watermark and add text. Additional features are available on the premium account for $11.99 a month, such as adding your own company watermark or logo, removing ads, and promoting your social media links.

Gifs are often looped video clips, but you can also make them using photos. Here’s how to create a GIF from photos with MakeaGif:

Log into Makeagif and register yourself as a user.

Click on “add pictures” in the center of the screen.

Select the photos to add

Log In

Select the order you want the photos to appear in.

Click “Continue”.


Add a title and customize

Click on “Create A GIF”


Share the GIF on social media by clicking the social platform button

Download the GIT by clicking the download button under the photo on the left hand side.



Magisto allows you to create a professional quality video you can share through social media. Movies can be made using still photos or videos, and Magisto offers themes and royality free music to enhance your movies.  Magisto is $9.99 per month with a yearly plan, but you can try it out first with a 7-day free trial (no credit card needed).

To create a video with Magisto:

Upload your photos

Add Photos

Select your editing style

Editing Style

Add Music

Add Music

Download or share on social media.

What are your favorite tools for making social media posts?